"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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Final Conference

On April 3rd, the first international youth media protection conference took place in Berlin, Germany. It was the fifth meeting of the Youth Protection Roundtable - this time open to the public.

The YPRT outcomes - Principles and Toolkit for the improvement of youth protection online developed by the network - were presented to 230 participants in the conference.

Please have a look at the pictures of the Youth Protection Roundtable Final Conference.

The YPRT Principles for the improvement of youth protection online are eight principles to which the YPRT members commit themselves and declare their intent to co-operate on their implementation and dissemination.
The YPRT Toolkit is a detailed catalogue of references for the improvement of youth protection online, comprising

  • a description of risks
  • a description of supportive technologies and their effectiveness
  • eight chapters of references
    • for technical developments in respect of educational issues and
    • for the use of filter technologies (product-neutral) and educational measures in private and public areas
  • an inventory of instruments and organisations of self regulation in Europe
  • an inventory of legal regulations as regards youth protection in Europe

With these documents, the YPRT follows an approach of shared responsibility for youth protection online. Bearing in mind that at the Youth Protection Roundtable technicians and providers of supportive technologies as well as providers of websites and online platforms gathered with educators and other stakeholders from children's welfare organisations, it was the intention of the YPRT to provide for final documents that comprise educational and technological strategies.

Press Service Pictures of the Youth Protection Roundtable Final Conference

Youth Protection Roundtable 2006-2009 - Video