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Organisation of self-regulation

Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting
Type of organisation:
Geographical scope:
Czech Republic
Content-related scope:
Related areas:

The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (hereinafter the "Council")is the central State administration body, which performs administration in the area of radio and television broadcasting (hereinafter "broadcasting") and taken over broadcasting, and in the area of audio-visual media services on request provided under Act No. 132/2010 Coll.

  • supervises on adherence to and development of plurality of the program offers and information in the area of broadcasting and taken over broadcasting
  • cooperates in the area of regulation of television broadcasting with relevant authorities of states that are not member states of the European Union or contracting parties of the European Convention on cross - border television (Art. 5, letter w)
  • to the extent of its sphere of action, it cooperates with legal persons established in accordance with the legal rules of the Czech Republic, subject of activities of which includes self-regulation in some of the areas modified by this Act, or by special enactment 1e), and broadcasting operators, operators of taken over broadcasting, providers of audiovisual media services on request participate actively on this self-regulation (hereinafter "self-regulation authorities"), if cooperation of self-regulation authority is requested in writing,, and it especially in formation of effective self-regulation systems, and in implementing provisions in support of medial literacy; it makes public the list of cooperating self-regulation authorities (hereinafter "list of self-regulation authorities") in a way enabling remote access (Art. 5, letter x)
  • issues standpoints, which represent legal opinion of the Council in the matters pertaining to its sphere of action according to law (Art. 5, letter y)

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