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Instrument of self-regulation

Good practice guidance for search service providers and advice to the public on how to search safely
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Geographical scope:
United Kingdom
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youth protection

The guidelines aim at the public and at companies who provide search across all platforms, whether via personal computer, mobile phone or any other means. There are three main objectives to the good practice guidance.

  1. The document sets out what search is, why the user sees the results they do and how search is generally made available on the Internet. This document aims to explain as comprehensively as possible, the full range of search services currently available via the Internet. However, as many search providers are continuously expanding their product offering, there may well be services available to the public after this document has been published which are not included here.
  2. The document aims to provide a model of good practice for search providers across all platforms in the provision of services for customers in the UK with regard to consideration of the issues and importance of child safety.
  3. The document gives advice and information to help members of the public, especially parents, carers and those responsible for children, on how to make good use of search engines to explore the World Wide Web and how to reduce the risk of being exposed to unwanted and unsuitable results.
It has been produced by the Home Secretary’s Task Force on Child Protection on the Internet working with representatives of the search industry and other experts in the UK.

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