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Instrument of self-regulation

Promoting Internet Safety Through Public Awareness Campaigns Guidance for Using Real Life Examples Involving Children or Young People
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United Kingdom
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youth protection

This guidance will be relevant for and is intended to help or advise anyone considering developing materials for any kind of public awareness or marketing campaign intended to promote the safety of children and young people on the Internet, mobile phones or other interactive communications technologies (ICT). It may also be relevant to anyone developing other campaigns involving or aimed at children.

The guidelines set out a number of factors which need to be taken into account by anyone thinking about using, as part of their public awareness or marketing campaign, any factual information which has been taken from real life cases where a child or young person has been sexually, physically or psychologically abused following an initial encounter which was facilitated by an ICT.

Equally, the guidelines will be of interest to anyone who might be asked to provide materials or information for such awareness or marketing activity where those materials or that information have been drawn from real life cases for which they have, or had, a managerial or professional responsibility.

The guidelines are informed by and are consistent with embedded UK child protection legal frameworks and established principles and knowledge of best practice in the child welfare sector.

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