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Organisation of self-regulation

National Committee of Users (CNU)
Based in:
Type of organisation:
Geographical scope:
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Related areas:
consumer rights,
freedom of information,
youth protection

The National Committee of Users is part of the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) and works with reference to the consumers' interests of broadcasting and telecommunication service provider and to the specific requirements of minors.

The National Committee of Users passed a resolution for requesting the application of Article 10, paragraph 9, of Law no. 112 of 3 May 2004, incorporated into the Consolidation Act of Radio and Television, on the basis of which the Ministry of Communications, in accordance with the Ministry of Education, University, and Research, must conduct school campaigns to inform on the correct and informed use of the television medium. With subsequent resolutions, the CNU intervened concerning problems related to improper commercial practices employed in the telephony sector, causing great troubles for users, also for the purpose of protecting adolescent users who, using their cell phones, can access material not suitable for minors. Moreover, the CNU expressed its disagreement over the creation of an Italian version of a satellite channel entirely devoted to newborn babies.

Lastly, worthy of note is the fact that the CNU has set up its own "Minors, TV and Internet" Board, and "Relations with Co.re.com.’s" Board.

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