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Instrument of self-regulation

NICAM General Statutes
Entry into force:
Type of document:
Geographical scope:
Content-related scope:
all media
Related areas:
youth protection

General Statutes, as referred to in Article 12, sub-articles 1 through 4 of the bye-laws of the ‘Stichting Nederlands Instituut voor de Classificatie van Audiovisuele Media’ (Netherlands Institute for the Classification of Audio-visual Media, NICAM), having its registered office in Hilversum, the Netherlands, adopted by the General Board, which govern those matters the General Board considers in need of regulation in relation to the organisations affiliated to NICAM.

The classification system, including the accompanying A-to-Z manual for Kijkwijzer coders, all current statutes, including the Sub-statutes on Television, Film, DVD/video, the Complaints Statutes, the Brand Statutes, the Statutes governing the Coders’ Committee and all other future statutes, respectively, makes up an integral part of these General Statutes.

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